3 Inspiring Living Room Remodeling Ideas You Should Consider

3 Inspiring Living Room Remodeling Ideas You Should Consider

By: Technick

When your living room is feeling too cramped to live in, you can forget about renovating. Instead, what you need is a remodel. Remodeling is different from renovating a home. 

While renovations upgrade elements in a space, it doesn’t change the layout to make it roomier. On the other hand, remodeling projects alter a room’s framework, allowing you to knock down walls, replace wiring, and perform structural changes.

Before you call your trusted remodeling contractor, check out these wonderful living room remodeling ideas that make the space accommodate your needs better while increasing the value of your property along the way.

Open Up Your Living Room

In the past, people thought that one of the best ways to save money and conserve energy was to keep living rooms small and compact. But with more people needing space together and the creation of more energy-efficient materials and appliances, maintaining a tight living space benefits no one.

Expanding your living room requires a bit of sacrifice. You need to take over another space. It means knocking down adjoining or non-loadbearing walls of the rooms you don’t mind being part of your new living room.

If a completely open floor plan doesn’t convince you, you can opt for a broken living room plan. It involves forming a separation between spaces, but instead of solid walls, you opt for half-walls, glass walls, or pillars. Despite the demarcation of sub-spaces, the way they are divided allows the space to feel more open.

Change Your Front Door

In case your home opens up to the living room, replacing your front door can do so much to make the space look great with minimal cost and effort. That’s what you call a double-purpose remodeling project.

Placing a new front door boosts your home’s curbside appeal. It makes people feel that you remodeled a large portion of the house while only changing one thing. Since your front door is part of your living room, the new installation can add further interest to the space.

A recent Remodeling Magazine report reveals the impact that front entry doors have on a home’s value. According to the magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report, homeowners can have, on average, a 65 percent return on their investment when they replace their old door with the right entry door installed by professional remodeling contractors.

Let More Light into the Room

Natural light has a lot of great health benefits. It can also make a room look more spacious and lively. That’s why replacing your windows with new ones can drastically change the look and feel of your living room.

Much like changing entry doors, window replacements can enhance a property’s exterior aesthetics. They can make the house feel completely transformed while keeping the actual changes to a minimum, giving you somewhere between 67.4 percent to 68.6 percent returns on investments.

Additionally, replacing windows can save you money while increasing the property’s market price. When you change out your old windows with weather-tight ones, you can make your home 25 to 30 percent more energy-efficient and save you some money on your monthly utility bills.


Remodeling your living room can open up the space to more and better possibilities than renovations would. Opening or expanding the room size, replacing the front door, and installing new windows are some of the ways that you can remodel a living room to make it more comfortable and spacious while increasing its future resale value.

However, always remember that it’s best to involve experienced remodeling contractors when undertaking big remodeling projects. The expertise professionals bring to the table ensures they can plan the project with you carefully, execute it flawlessly, and manage it efficiently.

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