The Difference Between a Remodel and a Renovation

The Difference Between a Remodel and a Renovation

By: Technick

You’ve found a wonderful home with a gorgeous façade, an open layout, and a stunning view of Anaheim Hills. However, there are a few elements you’d like to tweak to transform your space into your ultimate dream home, and you may find yourself wondering if your property needs a remodel or a renovation. 

While a renovation and a remodel are often used interchangeably in the home design world, key differences can impact the project's outcome. Here’s what you need to know about remodeling and renovation:

Breaking Down the Differences Between a Remodel and a Renovation

A renovation is the process of upgrading something in the home, such as refreshing outdated elements and replacing them with more modern, stylish ones. It leaves the framework intact and swaps certain features out, making the interior look more according to the homeowner’s tastes. For instance, if you love your kitchen’s layout but aren’t satisfied with the cabinet color and countertop material, you’ll need a home renovation to overhaul these aspects. If you’d like to change the color of your room or swap out old windows with new ones, you’ll need a renovation. The layout remains, but other aspects have changed, allowing you to modernize parts of your home without tearing anything down.

On the other hand, remodeling changes your home’s framework. It can consist of replacing your electrical wiring, tearing down a dividing wall, and other structural changes. If you want to achieve a modern, open floor plan and combine your kitchen with your living room, you’ll need a remodel. If you're going to make more minor changes that require construction, like adding a kitchen island, that also counts as remodeling. Home remodeling provides you with much more flexibility when redesigning your home, but it is naturally more expensive given the scale of changes involved.

Deciding Between a Remodel or a Renovation

It can be exciting to make changes to your home, but choosing between a remodel or a renovation can be baffling. You may not be sure about whether your space needs a renovation or a more comprehensive remodel. The great news is that you can break it down by analyzing your current setup and determining what you want from it.

To get started, review your home and decide on the elements that make you happy. Identify features that you like but would appreciate more if they were updated. You may also pinpoint elements that you’d like to replace instead of overhauling.

After that, start imagining what you want your home to look like. Would you prefer your living room to have more lighting? Is one of your dividing walls making it awkward for your dinner party guests to flow from one room to another? Are you hoping to update your bathroom tiles to make them look more modern? Writing down the list of potential changes you want to make will help you and architectural services decide if you need a remodel or a renovation.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your budget. You’ve just spent thousands of dollars on purchasing your new home, which means you may not be as willing to splurge on an in-depth remodel. It’s essential to establish your budget so you and your custom home builder can help you decide on the cost of creating your desired changes.


Whether updating your home or transforming it from the ground up, both a remodel and a renovation can help you achieve the home of your dreams. With our guide, you can determine which process best fits your needs.

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