Things to Avoid When Designing Your Living Room: Our Guide

Things to Avoid When Designing Your Living Room: Our Guide

By: Technic

If you’re up for designing your living room the DIY way, you need to make sure that everything will go well together so you won’t end up going back to the planning stage. After all, the living room should be one of the well-designed spaces in your house because this is where you will entertain guests. You need to make it look comfortable and beautiful at the same time. So, meticulously plan the design of your living room layout before you start it. 

To help you with your living room designing project, here are the things you must avoid, which most homeowners probably do when designing their living room. Follow this guide to avoid making the same mistakes once you start executing your project:

1. Avoid Choosing Big Furniture for a Small Space

The most common mistake is purchasing big furniture and stuffing it in a small living room that doesn’t fit in. No matter how well you like the furniture you saw at the furniture shop, do not buy it if it’s too big for your living room. You will only make the space look smaller, making the area restricted and uncomfortable. 

2. Avoid Choosing a Rug That Is Too Small

Contrary to our earlier statement, don’t limit the rug size in your living room. Rugs are one of the things that will spruce up your living room’s look. It adds an aesthetic value and can also add depth to the space. Find the right size for your living room, and just remember to be generous with it. 

3. Don't Pick the Wrong Couch

How do you know if it’s the wrong couch? If it’s too big for your living room, the color doesn’t fit your current design, and the material is not high quality, then it must be.

When you go to the furniture store, particularly in the couch section, you might find the endless choices overwhelming. Before you fall down the rabbit hole, consider the timelessness of the shape, the quality of the fabric, and the size of the couch, so you’ll end up buying the right couch. 

4. Avoid Matching Everything Too Much

Matching everything too much is one of the most common mistakes people make when designing their homes. If you don’t want to end up having a monotonous, boring, and childish design, try to ponder on different color schemes to make your living room look more lively and comfy. 

5. Don't Push All the Furniture against the Wall

Not pushing all your furniture against the wall will make the space look bigger and more comfortable. It’s noticeable that most people do this when designing their living room because they think they’re creating a bigger space. But no, placing some furniture away from the wall will add more warmth and comfort to your guests. Try to apply it to your sofa and see how it can transform your living room into a comfortable space. 


There’s nothing wrong with designing and decorating your own living room; just make sure you have a pleasing design without compromising comfortability. Hopefully, our guide will help you create a more attractive living room in your house. Try your best to avoid these things so you can achieve a cozy, warm, and aesthetically pleasing living room. 

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