The First Steps of Planning a Whole-House Renovation

The First Steps of Planning a Whole-House Renovation

By: Technic

A whole-house renovation is always an exciting project, but it can also be overwhelming. Working on a bathroom remodeling or kitchen renovation is already a daunting task, but just imagine doing it for the entire house. This is why you need to consider many factors and make countless decisions to keep the renovation going. More importantly, the process involves a lot of expenses. 

The key to not committing mistakes or over compromising your project is to begin with a sound plan. In this article, we will share how you can start your renovation process:

Step 1: Determine Your Dream

Firstly, congratulations on having the means to finally push through with making your house a home! This opportunity does not always come easily, so make sure that you turn your house into a place you would enjoy staying at every day. Start by defining what kind of home you would like to return to after a long day at work. Search for inspirations online until you come up with one vision. That vision can help you stay on track and avoid other distractions or unnecessary expenses.

Step 2: Create Your Plan

It is so exciting to imagine how you can improve your current house. Perhaps there are issues you want to address or new things you want to add. Whatever you want to do for your new home, make sure that you list them down. From your vision, start breaking them down into a more defined task. 

Also, just because you have many ideas on how to improve your place does not mean they are all worth it or could fit your budget. As such, you need to determine which to prioritize or find out what you can compromise to meet them all. You should also carefully think about your laid-out plans, examine them, and find out a better way to do them if there are any. If you want to have a more concrete plan, you can always reach out to the professional custom home builders at Technick to help you!

Step 3: Enumerate the Affected Space

You need to know precisely the areas you want to improve. Will you tear down everything and start from scratch, or do you want to keep some areas and features? Keep in mind that the changes you implement will determine the total cost for your renovation, as a whole-house renovation means more than one room to improve. It would also help you decide whether you need to stay in another place while the project is ongoing, or if there would be a strategic place inside the house where you can get comfortable while the rest is under renovation.

Step 4: Specify the Style You Want

Knowing the changes is different from choosing a style you want. The pieces of furniture, paint color, and type of the foundation and construction would largely depend on the final style you want to implement. You can stay with the classic style if you are into timeless fashion or explore trendy themes so long as you are not the type that gets bored with style quickly. Remember that you can also apply different themes to every room. It all depends on your preference and dream for your space!

Step 5: Determine Your Budget

All the lists and ideas above will still depend on the budget you allot for this project. It is one of the crucial factors that homeowners should determine before starting with their renovation plan. Expect also to experience some problems along the way. For that, make sure that besides having the project budget, you should also have extra money for miscellaneous or contingency expenses.


A whole-house renovation project does not need to be finished in one go because you always have the option to take it one room at a time. That way, you can ensure the quality of the project and also manage your expenses well. Besides the mentioned steps, ensure that you hire an experienced custom home builder who would put your interest first and care for your home as much as you do. That way, you would know that your investment is worthwhile!

At Technick, we do not stop until our clients are satisfied. Our custom home builders in Irvine provide innovative construction solutions to meet our clients’ dreams and budgets. Contact us at 888-900-6009 today to learn more about our services!

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