5 Warning Signs You’re About To Hire a Bad Contractor

5 Warning Signs You’re About To Hire a Bad Contractor

By: Technick

When it comes to redesigning a home, the most important decision a homeowner can make is often the hardest: which contractor to hire. To select the right contractor, you have to take a leap of faith, pick the perfect needle out of a stack of needles and do your best to throw darts at a dartboard.

Risky contractors can seem sneaky, but there are obvious signs of a bad contractor when you look closely. If you’re hiring a contractor, be aware of these warnings so you can keep yourself and your wallet safe.

1. No contract

The biggest warning sign is the lack of a written contract. It may seem like a lot of paperwork and legalese, but written contracts help protect both parties. The contract confirms the scope of the work, the price, and payment schedule, as well as warranties and each party’s obligations.

A contract will also ensure your contractor is insured in case something happens on the job. Your contractor should have liability insurance and workers’ compensation. In some states, it’s illegal for home construction companies to work on your property if they don’t have insurance.

2. Not Accepting Credit Cards as a Payment Option

Credit card companies offer purchase protection that can go from a full refund up to $500,000. If a contractor doesn’t accept plastic, that means they’re not confident in their work. Although many construction companies don’t really offer the option to pay using a credit card, it’s still best to opt for a company that does offer that payment option. If you’re already seeing a couple of other red flags on a particular contractor, then this might just be the last sign you’re looking for to tell you to move on to the next contractor.

3. They’re Never On-Site

Hiring a bad contractor is like buying a new phone without checking all the reviews first. You can’t begin to tell whether or not they’re a bad one until you take them out of the box, right? This is true with a contractor, too.

If they’re not physically on-site, they can’t address immediate concerns like poor working conditions, safety issues, or equipment problems. They also can’t spot any problems you might have with their work, even if you see something as minor as a scratched wall or a crooked floor.

A good contractor will also be able to introduce you to their team and build a relationship with you. By being on-site, they will be able to ensure a clean and safe work environment and be able to address any issues that may arise from the start. This helps avoid huge problems down the road.

4. Not Providing References

It’s in a contractor’s best interest to provide references – it just makes them look good. But a great job is just a happy customer talking with others, not a reference on a piece of paper.

If you ask for references and they can’t provide them, that’s a red flag. A good contractor will have happy customers who are eager to talk with you.

5. Limited Insurance

Even if you’ve hired a licensed contractor in the past and they’ve always done a great job, they can still put your home at risk by not having insurance. While it may seem like an unnecessary precaution, a contractor’s insurance is essential, especially if they’re working inside your home.

Insurance policies will help protect you if a contractor is injured on the job or causes an accident. If a worker slips on a wet floor and breaks their arm, you’ll receive compensation for their medical bills. Even if a contractor does something that doesn’t cause an accident but damages your home, you can still rely on their insurance for compensation.


Although it’s normal to want to trust your gut instinct, choosing the right contractor is crucial, or you could end up losing more than just money. You can avoid the hassle and expense of a renovation by watching out for these red flags.

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