4 Fantastic Room Upgrade Ideas for Small Houses and Spaces

4 Fantastic Room Upgrade Ideas for Small Houses and Spaces

By: Technick

Homeowners with tiny houses gain the most when upgrading or extending a portion of their property. Nevertheless, they are frequently confronted with particular issues that bigger residences rarely encounter. It may prompt you to look for tiny house room extension ideas. In that case, this article will show you a list of four small-house design ideas for you to explore.

Room extensions and renovations are two of the most effective methods to improve the comfort and value of your place. If you think you can’t enlarge your house, custom home builders in Irvine can prove you wrong. 

After all, several tiny house room extension ideas can make you fall in love with your property all over again. Keep reading below to learn more about them.

Not Down, But Up

Building a second story to your house is similar to extending above the garage. Because your small home may not have enough area on either side to expand, the next best option is to move up. You can try to add a second floor to your house instead of fretting about how much room you have.

You may include all things you desire and more when you add a second story to your house. You could consider walk-in closets, balconies, and big bathtubs in your master bedroom and bathroom. 

However, these specific features need a certain amount of space to work. You effectively gain double the square footage when you add areas with unique functions to an existing home.

Constructing above the Garage

You may also ask remodelers to convert your garage. As you may need the room for your vehicle, it's a brilliant idea to construct it over the garage. Because the flooring is already installed, you will save more money right away. Above your garage, you may build a playroom, guest room, or an auxiliary housing unit.

You can apply several methods to save cash when constructing your garage. It can help reduce the cost of the walls if you consider installing additional windows. You might ask the remodelers to choose a less expensive option like aluminum siding. These materials are simple to get and are more likely to fit your budget.

Checking into a Bump-Out 

Bump-outs are among the most cost-effective room extension options for compact homes. They are a sort of house addition that does not add a room but increases the square footage of an existing area. 

A bump-out may expand your kitchen to make an island or extend your living room for a reading nook. These room extensions don't take up a lot of areas and frequently appear to be part of the original structure after they're finished.

Renovating an Existing Space 

Is there a basement in your modest house? Or maybe you've got an attic you've been using for storage. One of the most cost-effective and trendy solutions to improving your home space is to renovate an existing area in your tiny house. Consider converting it into a living room instead of utilizing it for storage or keeping it empty.

Some of the greatest spaces to convert into a bedroom are attics. Many tiny houses have a problem with having too few bedrooms. The attic is a terrific place to develop into a cozy child's room or a self-contained living area. Additional dwelling units (ADUs) are a choice that some homeowners make.


These room addition ideas for compact homes can assist you in expanding your small home while dealing with numerous constraints. You don't have to put up with your cramped quarters anymore. There are several room expansion options for compact homes, many of which we have already discussed above. If you'd like to know more, seek home builders! 

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