4 Key Phases of Whole House Remodeling: A Look at Timelines

4 Key Phases of Whole House Remodeling: A Look at Timelines

By: Technick

Do you want to breathe in something new to your home? It might be the perfect time for a whole house remodeling project. However, one of the most critical considerations is timing with a project like this. How long would you have to be out of the house? How long will the entire remodel take?

For a whole house remodeling project, you should establish a timeline before proceeding with the activities. Get an idea of how long everything will last by going through the critical phases of whole house remodeling.

Phase 1: Discovery

The first phase in whole house remodeling is discovery. During this phase, your contractor will assess your home and your needs. This is a critical time to ensure that you get the right contractor to do the job. On average, this part can last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on how long it takes for you to find the right fit.

Home construction companies will know what works and what doesn’t in your home. They will see what things need improvement and which things can remain as is. They will also know what exactly you want. So, they will give you an idea of what you might end up with after the remodel. They will also show you an estimate of how much the project might cost you.

After the discovery phase, you will have a good idea of what you want and how much it would cost to get it.

Phase 2: Design

This is the phase where you’ll have to decide on the general approach to your remodel. Designing the remodel can last from six weeks to four months, depending on the scale of the project.

Good home contractors will give you some design options based on the property and your needs. They will also give you some ideas on how to save on costs. If you’re not interested in any of their design ideas, you can come up with your own. Your contractor will give you advice and help with the design process.

However, if you come up with your own design ideas, make sure they are practical and easy to work with.

Phase 3: Preparation

Preparation includes demo and securing of the house. The preparation phase can last from four to six weeks, covering everything that needs to be done before construction can begin.

Work in this phase includes removing everything that needs to be removed. Other activities include making repairs and fixing damages that can affect the remodel.

You will also have to secure the home before the remodel can begin. If you have to go out of the house, make sure that door and window locks are in place and it is generally safe. Be sure to inform the contractors if there are any animals or people in the house when you leave it.

Phase 4: Construction

Construction is one of the most critical phases of whole house remodeling. It covers the activity where the contractor puts the new structure into place. Construction can last from one to 12 months, depending on the size of the project and the complexity.

A whole remodel will require structural changes in the house, like additions and removing walls. Other construction activities include removing the existing structure, installing new floors and cabinetry, installing new electrical outlets, installing new cabinets and appliances, etc.

Final Thoughts

Putting together a timeline for your whole house remodeling project is necessary. As you can see, there are several things to consider, and the entire process can be pretty lengthy. Having a schedule in place will help, especially when you have to move out of the house while it is being worked on.

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