5 Reasons Why Open Floor Plans Suit Modern Home Designs

5 Reasons Why Open Floor Plans Suit Modern Home Designs

By: Technick

Designing a floor plan considers three factors—function, strength, and beauty. Therefore, architects must consider the homeowner’s needs and preferences in creating a home. However, nowadays, people may have steered clear from usual designs and opted for open plans for their houses.

Open floor plans do not mean a house will not have divisions. However, it does mean that similar or closely-related spaces will end up grouped to make it easier for people to access or navigate. For example, kitchens and dining rooms work together, making them suitable for an open floor plan. But why do modern home designs use open floor plans well? Here are some answers.

1. Less-Congested Traffic Flow

A home with open floor plans has a more manageable traffic flow. No one will ever get stuck in a corner because everything is in sight and can be accessed at a moment’s notice. Open floor plans do not only allow for a spacious traffic flow, but it also enables you to use the space in the most efficient way possible.

A traditional floor plan design puts bedrooms and bathrooms outside the kitchen and family rooms. We assume this is to prevent the flow of traffic from being congested. However, this limits the space usage that families would have preferred, like putting desks in the bedrooms or having a study room in the bedrooms.

2. Allows More Shared Spaces

Shared spaces are those that require a wealth of people to share them. For example, the kitchen, studies, and living rooms are spaces that family members can share. However, they all function for different purposes, including other users and functions. Therefore, it is pointless to separate these spaces because they are closely related. Having a shared space saves space and allows for better traffic flow and easier access.

3. Promotes Entry of Natural Light and Airflow

The main reason early houses looked dark and gloomy is that the windows were designed to block all the light and airflow. Nowadays, architects design houses to allow light and airflow to pass through.

They also involve open spaces, especially windows that don’t imprison the house but instead allow for the free flow of air into the home. It provides better lighting, which results in a better space for everyone to live in.

4. Provides Space Flexibility

An open floor plan would provide your house with flexibility, which cannot be achieved with a floor plan design that relies on walls and partitions.

The best thing about an open floor plan is that it provides you with practical uses for different types of furniture. You can have your dining table positioned at the center of the kitchen and your sofa by the fireplace without worrying about their central point of installation.

5. Adds to Resale Value

Open floor plans could add to the resale value of your house. It means you can sell your home at a lower price than homes that do not have open floor plans. Since open floor plans make the home more inviting and functional than a conventional floor plan design, they also signify that open floor plans are a smart choice for homeowners. It adds to the house's appeal and makes it functional for use.


The trend of open floor plans has been a popular choice for modern home designs these days. Many homeowners are opting for this type of floor plan for their houses. If you are interested in adding this to your home, the first thing you need to consider is the layout of your home. If you are not sure about the format, you can ask your architect to help you design your open floor plans.

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