Some Very Noticeable Signs That Your Home Is Outdated

Some Very Noticeable Signs That Your Home Is Outdated

By: Technick

With so many seasonal, monthly, and even weekly shifts in popular culture, it can be difficult to know if your home's decor is on-trend. Not only could this cause friction between you and your more discerning guests, but it could also lower the asking price of your home. Some defining architectural trends that used to be common in every house need to be updated right away if you want to sell your home or keep up to date.

That said, if you purchased your home some time ago and have yet to do any major updates, you should be aware of these telltale signs that your home is showing its age.

Overuse of Carpeting

Changing from carpet to hardwood flooring is another simple approach to increase your home's value and make it easier to maintain. Carpeting, especially in high-traffic areas, can quickly show signs of wear and tear and can appear permanently unclean.

Even if you go with hardwood floors, you can still get the cozy carpet feel by placing an area rug at a focal point. Putting carpet in your bathroom is another popular craze from the '90s that should be burned at the stake. It lacks cleanliness and is both antiquated and unnecessary.

Insulated Glass Units

Glass blocks, which were popular in the 1980s, will not give your home a modern feel and will instead make it look like a fishbowl. It lets in much less light than a regular window and is typically located near entrances, both of which might be off-putting to potential purchasers.

Getting rid of them and installing a large picture window in their place can update your home to the twenty-first century and let in more natural light. Replacement windows with obscure glass can be used in place of solid glass partitions.


Traditional methods of making a room seem bigger included the use of floor-to-ceiling mirrors. They are simply out of date now. Installing window coverings near the crown molding of a room makes the ceiling seem higher. The addition of huge picture windows can also help a room appear more spacious.

Investing in sturdy windows and doors that will last for decades is a smart move because they won't look dated anytime soon.

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Wallpaper with Patterns

As far as visual impact goes, this is one of the most minimally invasive upgrades you can perform. Potential buyers will better picture themselves in your property if you remove the wallpaper and paint the walls a neutral color. Furniture and decor with patterns are more challenging to put together because of the limited number of possible color and style combinations. If you remove a patterned wall, you can make way for more interesting pieces of furniture and wall art.

Beamed or Textured Ceilings

Although textured ceilings were formerly considered a must-have in any house, they have been mostly phased out of modern interior design. If a potential buyer spots a strangely-designed ceiling, they may balk at the thought of investing in renovations. Most homebuyers would rather not have textured ceilings that produce shadows and create the illusion of lower ceilings.


It is important to be aware of the signs that your home may be outdated. These signs include outdated decors, beamed ceilings, outdated glass units, and overuse of carpeting, among others. By becoming aware of these signs, homeowners can make informed decisions about whether or not it is time to update their homes.

Updating a home can help to increase its value and make it more efficient and enjoyable to live in.

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