6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding on a Floor Plan

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding on a Floor Plan

By: Technic

When buying a house, the floor plan is one of the most important things to consider. You want to make sure that the floor plan will meet your needs. An effective way to help you with this is knowing the most common floor plan mistakes to avoid: 

Assuming Every Floor Plan Fits

A common mistake many homebuyers make is assuming every floor plan fits. They forget to picture how their lives will work in the floor plan. That’s why you need to consider your lifestyle when it comes to the floor plan of the property you want to get. 

Getting Swept by the Home’s Upgrades

It’s easy to get swept by the upgrades in the home, and it’s likely they’re well-highlighted to drive your attention to them instead of other less-appealing features. 

When looking at a property, yes, it’s good to know what has been upgraded. Now, look at the home from a different perspective—minus the upgrades—and you get the layout and flow of the rooms. Do you like it? Is it going to work for you? 

Assuming You Know Every Detail on the Floor Plan Drawings

So, you are presented with the floor plan drawing. At first, it’s easy to see what it would look like, until you get down to the details. When you assume you should know these things, you end up not asking questions. As a result, you could end up with a floor plan that doesn’t work. Don’t commit the mistake of assuming things. Instead, ask!

Getting Carried Away by Architectural Features

Architectural features are great. You want a skylight? Go for it! Do you want more natural light to come through? Perhaps, a floor-to-ceiling window will be the best option. All of these features are great, but don’t get carried away; otherwise, you’ll be faced with higher expenses than you originally planned. 

Not Getting the Exact Sizes of Your Furniture

The dimensions of a room on a floor plan are almost accurate, but you need to consider the pieces of furniture you’re going to fit inside. A lot of homebuyers make the mistake of not measuring their existing furniture before deciding on final sizes. 

When you’re unsure about the size of the room you need, it’s best to measure your existing furniture. Doing so will help you determine the amount of space you really need. 

Not Considering a Fully Occupied Home

Unless you plan to have a home in the middle of nowhere, some people would like to come over and visit your home. This is also essential if you’re the type who likes entertaining. However, many homebuyers tend to forget to think about this when looking at the floor plan. 

When deciding on a floor plan, it’s a good idea to consider your space fully occupied when planning the rooms. That way, you can plan a room that can fit everybody else, and you will have enough space to move around. 


Whether buying or building a home, the floor plan will dictate your comfort and convenience, which is why you need to ensure it works for you. Avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to an effective floor plan for your home!

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