How to Create a Functional Kitchen - Important Tips

How to Create a Functional Kitchen - Important Tips

By: Technick

Ah, the kitchen, where miracles happen. But until you boost its functionality, most kitchens are just another room in your home. Today's post will inspire you to design a kitchen that's truly the heart of your home. If you're fed up with underutilized countertops or spaces that rarely see daylight, this post is for you.

Work Zones

Work zones in the kitchen are crucial, especially if you want them to be highly functional. Having only one work zone doesn’t always work as there are times when you need 2-3 work zones. 

A work zone connects three main areas in the kitchen—the sink, range, and fridge. The distance between these three main areas shouldn’t be less than four feet and no larger than nine feet. If the distance is too small, the kitchen can feel cramped. Meanwhile, if it’s too large, it will make cooking a hassle. 

When redesigning your kitchen, you need to be mindful of these work zones. Always have space between the main working areas to make kitchen tasks a lot easier. 

Stove Placement

Your kitchen stove plays a crucial role in your kitchen. Therefore, you need to have enough space on each side of it. The ideal space is at least a 15” countertop on either side of your stove. You can go larger, between 24” to 36”. With this space, you get more room to prep your veggies. Finally, the stove must be placed in the middle of a wall. 

Fridge Placement

When placing a fridge, you need to consider three things: 

  • The area where you get enough space for the doors to open while keeping aisles clear
  • If it can be accessed easily from the oven
  • Sunlight exposure

It’s essential to ensure that the fridge won’t block a pathway used frequently. 

It’s best to place the fridge at the end of the wall or next to a pantry. Doing so will have two of the biggest things in the kitchen next to each other. 

Sink Placement

It’s common to have a sink under a kitchen window. However, there are times when it’s better elsewhere. With that, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 

You shouldn’t place a sink in the corner because this will be a waste of space, and the counter space behind it won’t be easily accessible or even useful. 

Kitchen Lights

You’re dealing with a lot of hot stuff in the kitchen, so you should never skimp on lighting. Ensure you have enough lighting; consider also having lights under the cabinets to make tasks a lot easier. 

Counter Space

Maximize your counter space by ensuring the placement of large appliances and fixtures will help you make the most out of your countertop. 


Finally, make your kitchen more functional by having slip-resistant flooring. With this, you get functionality and safety all at the same time. 

Work on a Functional Kitchen Today

To design the perfect kitchen, you need to think about your daily routine and consider that when increasing the functionality of your kitchen. The best way to get started is to think about the things you do and enjoy most in your kitchen, and write everything down on a piece of paper. This will allow you to visualize how it will look when the design process begins. 

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