4 House Additions to Consider to Expand Your Home

4 House Additions to Consider to Expand Your Home

By: Technick

Your home is likely one of your favorite places in the world, as it’s the place you can truly call your own. However, you may start to feel a bit cramped in it over the years, which means that it could benefit from remodeling. If you’ve wanted to expand your living space and spruce up the interior, you may be thinking about the best house additions to consider.

There are many ways to make your home bigger. Figuring out the best one for you will involve determining your budget, assessing your needs, and identifying the addition that will add the most value to your home. Here are four house additions to consider:

Standard House Addition

A typical house addition is a multi-room structure added onto the side of your house, connecting it to the rest of the main house. It will blend into the home, expanding it and adding more living space. The addition can accommodate various areas, like a great room, family room, bathroom, guest bedroom, dining room, or even a primary bedroom. The addition is rarely a kitchen unless the expansion is meant to be an apartment.

This type of house addition is typically expensive, often costing five figures. However, they add significant value to your home in relation to their building cost, which means you can profit substantially from selling your home if you decide to let it go. However, keep in mind that the process of adding such addition is long and tedious since you are essentially constructing a mini-house. Fortunately, entrusting this talk to custom home builders in Irvine will make the process as smooth as possible.

Room Addition or Expansion

Adding a single room to your home is a great way to expand your home without investing in a conventional house addition. Also known as a bump-out, it builds a single room structure onto the side of your house to fulfill a single purpose, like an extra bathroom or bedroom. Sometimes it enlarges the size of a particular room in the existing house.

This type of addition could be small, adding a few square feet to make a space more comfortable. You can also add a few more feet to widen a cramped room and make it more spacious and breathable. Room additions add a new roofline, using a shed style or flat roof. This addition is cheaper than full-size additions, but they still require a larger budget.

A Garage Remodel

Most homes come with a one- or two-vehicle-attached garage. It can be converted into another living space by adding more comfortable flooring, swapping the garage door with a solid wall, and adding a ceiling. Garage remodels are typically done to add living rooms or another bedroom to the home.

A garage is convenient to convert since it already has a basic structure, outfitted with a foundation, concrete flooring, roof, and walls. There are also a few elements required for living spaces like electricity and windows in place. It is also one of the more affordable house additions to pursue since you are only transforming the room instead of building another structure to annex your home.


A sunroom is usually a supplemental living area added onto the side of the house. It is often separated from the rest of the main house with a set of doors. It’s important to note that sunrooms are not alternatives to standard house additions, as they are much smaller. They’re often made of pre-fabricated materials like thermal-resistant glass and aluminum, which workers will assemble on your property. However, some sunrooms are made from concrete, lumber, and other standard construction materials used to construct the house.

As implied by the name, Sunrooms are meant to be a space to relax and bask in natural light. They are not meant to be used as a permanent sleeping area. Additionally, kitchens and bathrooms are never installed in sunrooms due to their nature. They are also not required to have air conditioning or heating.


House additions are a great way to add more value to your home while making it more comfortable and convenient. By familiarizing yourself with the types of house additions, you can pursue the one that best fits your needs and living situation.

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