Home Remodeling vs. Building a New House: Which Is Better?

Home Remodeling vs. Building a New House: Which Is Better?

By: Technick

You might be debating against investing in your current space or constructing a new house with all the features you want. It's reasonable to consider either one of the two options if you want a total home makeover to provide you with everything you need. 

Overall, renovating your house right now is always more cost-effective compared to hiring contractors to build a new home entirely, but you may also consider their benefits. 

In this article, you'll find the advantages of getting home building or remodeling services, and how both methods affect your return on investment and the personal value of your house. 

Remodeling vs. Rebuilding Expenses

Building a new house gives you the freedom to choose from almost any style and layout, including the interiors, ceiling height, and square footage options that your lot permits. On the other hand, a home remodeling may involve:

  • Opening up walls
  • Merging or adding new rooms
  • Creating additional bathrooms
  • Remodeling an unfinished basement 

However, unless you're going to integrate your home remodeling with an extension project, you cannot build on the existing square footage to make the entire property bigger. Unfortunately, there are pre-build costs to consider when building a house, and if you're demolishing the current one, which isn't the same with a remodel. 

Building a new house also deals with demolition expenses, as well as any fees connected with obtaining permissions and finding more partners to get your new construction off the ground. Going for a home remodeling can offer flexibility in choosing which areas to remodel and what you'll leave as-is to lessen the costs. 

Moreover, opting for a new house covers everything—from the foundation to the framing and other initial build necessities to accomplish your project.

Adding Value to Your Property with Home Remodeling 

Remodeling your house allows you to increase the value of your property. If one of your objectives is to consume more usable square footage in your home, you may convert unfinished areas into a personalized space that’s entirely functional. 

For example, a finished basement may raise the value of your property by about $50,000. However, make sure to consult with home remodeling contractors first to comprehend your options thoroughly. 

Alternatively, when it comes to building a new home, you may have to contend with zoning and HOA limitations in your area. It may keep you from acquiring a house larger than what your lot allows. If you need to expand the square footage, it’s best to review local regulations first. 

Custom Home Building vs. Home Remodeling 

The great news is that both a whole new home building and remodeling can give you the freedom to customize your house accordingly. In case you're interested in customizable home remodeling, here are a few pointers and designs to consider:   

  • Adding a home theater, game room, or wine cellar to your basement 
  • Creating a recreational space by opening up the walls in an existing basement
  • Replacing flooring, woods, and finishes throughout the house
  • Increasing the size of a bathroom or master suite that already exists
  • Utilizing high-end materials and fixtures


Generally speaking, home remodeling is much more cost-effective and has the same benefits you can get from home building. To learn which project type is the best for you, seek help from a custom home builder in Anaheim Hills.

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