A Short but in-Depth Guide to Better Bathroom Remodelling

A Short but in-Depth Guide to Better Bathroom Remodelling

By: Technick

Bathroom remodeling is a common project for old or newly acquired houses. Even apartment owners may negotiate for one. Different bathroom renovation projects depend on the changes you need. 

You may need to renovate older bathrooms at the surface level only. Some custom home builders can completely fix up a bathroom according to a home renovation plan. If you plan to renovate your bathroom soon, read the rest of our guide to prepare you for the work ahead.

What’s the Level and Extent of the Bathroom Work?

Bathrooms need to look good and be amenable to regular cleaning. Many people upgrade its parts or renovate it to improve its looks and functions. Your budget and expenses will also depend on your upgrade.

Prepare for some expenses if you want quality work. While bathrooms are smaller spaces, they’re not simple renovations. Remember to cover priority parts first, such as faucets, pipes, and important bathroom fixtures.

Minor and Heavy Renovation

Minor work involves changing bathroom surfaces and minor installations. You can change up your tiles and paint your walls. For many, this should improve the quality and durability of surfaces. For example, you can’t pair up wood as it would rot from water exposure. Changing to premium suitable surfaces, tiles, or walls can also improve its easy cleaning and maintenance.

Major renovations include changing the original bathroom plans or layout. It may also include repairing or improving your plumbing network. Essentially, it means significant changes, such as putting up new walls, replacing plumbing fixtures, and so on.

Home remodeling costs will depend on these works, labor, and materials for renovation. There are likely some other expenses involved as well, such as insurance and the like. You may need additional financing or to figure out a way to save money on the renovation.

Costs and Considerations

A major renovation project can cost up to $18,000–$30,000 for major bathroom makeovers that involve changing the layout. A remodel like this involves changing surfaces, walls, and floors with some repairs and replacements. As you might have noticed, it is no small expense. 

A minor level renovation should be within a few thousand dollars as long as no major repairs are involved. You can do the project yourself and save money if you have experience doing minor renovation work, such as tiling, grout application, and fixing walls. Just make sure you maintain good quality in your work and good attention to detail.

Undertaking a major project on your own is out of the question if you have neither the skills nor experience. Hiring experienced home renovation contractors for a more organized and professional job is a better option for light to heavy bathroom renovations.

In Conclusion

Bathroom remodeling is a rewarding task, but it’s not an easy undertaking. A bathroom has more working parts underneath compared to rooms. The space may be smaller, but the level of work and detail is more difficult. You need professional renovators that understand the process if you don’t think you can perform the necessary renovations yourself.

We at Technick have been building and renovating with a combined 30 years of experience in home remodeling. Contact us today if you need quality remodeling work. Leave the hassles of renovation to us.

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