Fantastic Room Additions That Will Complete Your Dream Home

Fantastic Room Additions That Will Complete Your Dream Home

By: Technick

Every homeowner has an idea of what their dream home would be like even before they went to buy or move into a property. Maybe you learned to like the place that you ended up with, even if it didn’t have the grand bathroom or a large kitchen as you had first imagined having.

However, there are several ways you can customize your home to make it a smidge closer to the one that you’ve always imagined living in. In fact, certain room inclusion might just do the trick in reviving your home. Here are a few fantastic suggestions on what room additions you can make to complete your home:

Kitchen Extension

Spending every day in the kitchen can be such bliss, especially when you’re an aspiring home cook. However, most people can feel like the space can be a little constricting. Instead of just browsing through Pinterest photos of these luxurious kitchens, why not bump yours out?

Extending the kitchen has many perks, such as the free space that you’ve always wanted. You could utilize this extra room for additional storage of the food and ingredients or utensils that you own. Consider adding a kitchen stool or two by the counter for people to sit in, too.

Additional Bathroom

Most properties often have just one bathroom, perhaps even dingier than what’s expected. Whether you feel like getting a more-than-average bathroom or just adding an extra place for baths and showers, bringing an additional bathroom would be a worthy inclusion.

Plus, homeowners who will consider adding a bathroom to their home would be pleased to know that there’s a nice return on investment waiting for them. More bathrooms often entail a larger ROI compared to other rooms, which can come in handy if you ever sell the home.

Main Chambers

There are properties on the market where the bedroom has to share every other amenity in the home, like the bathroom or storage room, with others. Although it offers some cost-efficiency, adding a master suite to act as the main chambers may just be the shift that your home needs.

With a master suite, every homeowner can enjoy their own bedroom that would be fitted with their own personal bathroom, a grand walk-in closet, and even more. If you haven’t fallen in love with your home yet, these types of resting quarters will surely get you head over heels. 


Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset, a sunroom is perfect for homeowners who would want to enjoy watching the sky while staying protected from the outdoors. This enclosed porch and space can be a self-indulgent room addition, but it’d also be a good space for you, friends, and family members to relax in as well. 

Second Floor

If you have even more ideas about how to rebuild your property into your dream home or you’re worried about having enough square footage, adding a whole second story might be the answer that you seek. There’s so much liberty in being able to customize what goes on to your second floor. Choose between glass walls, a terrace, a mini-greenhouse, and more; the sky’s the limit.


Adding more rooms to your house may be the solution to making it feel more like home. Having to make so many new inclusions can be quite a daunting project, but the results are possible with the right builders and vision in mind. 

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