Options for Your Dream Outdoor Sunroom: 3 Styles to Explore

Options for Your Dream Outdoor Sunroom: 3 Styles to Explore

By: Technick

Sadly, not all locations in the home get enough sunlight. If you fail to get a house that gets enough sunlight in the day, you can compensate for that in other ways. Some people love adding extensions to their homes, particularly for this purpose. They create an outdoor sunroom that allows the homeowners to enjoy the sunlight freely. Outdoor sunrooms are less expensive than actually extending the house as it involves building another room right next to your house. 

If you plan to have one in your home, you can refer to these different kinds of outdoor sunrooms you can build. 

Style 1: The Prefabricated Sunroom

If you want an easy and accessible way to build your sunroom, the prefabricated type would be the best solution to have. It is a common solution to homeowners and also the most convenient if time is of the essence. 

Companies offering prefabricated buildings can also come up with various designs and styles that allow people to choose which one is best to have right next to their home. 

Prefabricated buildings can be built in different locations. The supplier can deliver it to your home and reconstruct it onsite. Because everything is prepared beforehand, the process would be simpler and fast. A prefabricated structure is independent of your house. It has its walls, ceilings, roof, and floor, making it easy to place anywhere around your back or front yard. 

Style 2: The Greenhouse Sunroom

More than having a sunny place around the house, the greenhouse sunroom can serve as a conservatory for your plants. It is a perfect place to stay in if you are a lover of both plants and the sun. You can read your book, tend your plants, or enjoy your fresh cold drink while embracing the sunlight. This type of outdoor sunroom is made of glass from roof to walls. Meanwhile, the floor is made of easy-to-clean materials like natural stone, concrete, porcelain, or ceramic tile. 

Note: If you want an increase in house value, this option will not give you that since a greenhouse is is not livable on its own. 

Style 3: The Sunroom Bumpout Hybrid

If you want added value, the bumpout is the best alternative. This extension is not considered a whole room yet, but it has that multi-function structure that allows you to enjoy a good rest. What makes it fully livable and worthy of additional home value is the way it is constructed. 

It has its sunroof and windows to let the sunlight enter. In some houses, they try to use glass as the roof of the room. Since the bumpout is like an extension of the home, it shares the same exterior as the main house, which means the siding, the roof (if applicable), and the paint all match. Because it gives that one whole look and expands the house’s total square footage, it increases the current value of your home. 


If you are the type of person who loves to let in as much sun as possible into their home, then a sunroom would be the perfect addition to have. Having one is like bringing the outdoors inside your home where you can enjoy the sunshine while still having control of your surroundings. If you feel that it is too hot, you can turn on your AC. If it is too cold, you can turn on your heater. More importantly, it can protect you against the wind, snow, harsh rain, and bugs. 

If you plan to have your outdoor sunroom soon, find home improvement contractors who can meet your wishlist. Technik Construction is a custom home builder in Anaheim Hills that can make your next home addition done quickly without sacrificing quality. Contact us today to learn more about our service. 

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