Designing a Fully Functional Kitchen for the Whole Family

Designing a Fully Functional Kitchen for the Whole Family

By: Technick

A home’s interior design depends on the lifestyle of its occupants. Say, the design of a single woman’s modern kitchen construction may be vastly different from that of a family of five. Families tend to value function more than aesthetics. Saying this, interior designers or home contractors follow another guideline when building fully functional kitchens belonging to families.

Below are some ideas on how you can maximize functionality inside the kitchen. Try to apply them to your own kitchen, and you will be surprised at their effectiveness.

Strategically Placed Storage Spaces

There must be proper management to the placement of storage spaces like cupboards, cabinets, and drawers. To make sure the kitchen space is used to the fullest, you can custom order cabinets to cover the maximum storage space. Understand compartmentalization and the importance of storing different things in their proper places. For example, the best way to categorize items is to keep them according to the frequency of use.

Functional Mats on the Kitchen Floor

The material used for kitchen floors is usually stone topped with tiles, which are a good choice because the surface needs to be durable and resistant to damage. On the other hand, tiles are not safe for people, especially families with kids who run around all day. Due to its natural finish, you or your kids can slip easily and fall.

The solution? Placing rubber kitchen mats. This is a brilliant design hack meant to protect your family from slipping accidents. Rubber mats are slip and spill-resistant, waterproof, and ergonomic. Your feet will hurt less even after long minutes of moving around the kitchen as you prepare for a meal.

Multiple and Easily Accessible Outlets

Don’t forget to add multiple outlets when drafting your kitchen design. Since this room is probably one of the most appliance-filled rooms in the house, you would need many sockets. They have to be accessible too so it’ll be easy to plug the stove, mixer, dishwasher, and many other appliances and devices.

For aesthetic and safety, outlets should all have covers that match the overall color pattern of the wall. This type of protective covering will guarantee that children won’t tamper with them. They will also repel any water or liquids that could accidentally splash on them.

Evenly Distributed Kitchen Lighting

You can design the kitchen to have large windows that allow as much natural light as possible. Excellent natural lighting is usually enough light source for the kitchen during the day.

At night, though, is another story. You can’t cut ingredients or cook right if the lighting inside the kitchen is poor. For example, your body casts a shadow over the kitchen counter when there’s an uneven distribution of light throughout the room. Besides making it uncomfortable to use your cutlery, this situation can also lead to nasty accidents.

A solution to this problem is changing the position of the primary light source or installing auxiliary lighting. You can attach LED strips underneath the hood or fix them to the ceiling positioned directly overhead. This allows the light to project onto the surfaces that need to be illuminated.


Build your kitchen to last for a long time by using sturdy and good-quality materials so that you and your children can still enjoy the fully functioning kitchen you designed for your family.

Speak to an experienced contractor to discuss your plans for kitchen renovation. Technick delivers high-quality modern kitchen construction in Anaheim Hills. We are known for building inspiring residential and commercial spaces. Talk to us now!

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