4 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Living Room

4 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Living Room

By: Technick

You are considering a renovation, and the living room is at the top of your list. But you have no idea where to start. The kitchen and bathroom are the big-ticket items. If you need help with your living room renovations, then we've got just the thing for you. Here are the four things that you'll want to consider when revamping your living room.

Focal Point

A focal point can be something with a central position and high visual contrast, such as a fireplace, wall, or window.  

Perhaps you have a fireplace from the mid-century that needs a facelift. You can remove the brick and replace it with natural stone, or perhaps install a new mantle with shiny steel or glass. You may have the opportunity to change the picture window to a patio door that opens onto a deck, where the view would be your focal point. Or you can have an accent wall with patterned wallpaper, not just a solid color, that would help you create a truly unique focal point.  

Emphasizing a focal point in your living room can add much-needed aesthetic value. If you don't know where to begin, many online resources can help with this as you can draw inspiration from their designs.


​​When planning your living space renovation, you should consider the flooring options that will work best with your living room's needs. Researching these options with your contractor early in the planning process can save you time and money.


Lighting can quickly set the mood and atmosphere of a room – it can both serve a functional purpose and be used as an element of decoration. Here are some lighting options to consider:

  1. Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting provides bright, indirect light that accentuates the ceiling and walls. It will light up a large area in a room, giving enough light for many tasks like reading, sewing, or computer work, while still providing a soft, pleasant ambiance.
  2. Accent lighting: An accent light provides a single focused spotlight to create a soothing glow in a particular area. It uses a concentrated beam of light to highlight a specific focal point.
  3. Task lighting: Task lighting helps you complete tasks by creating the right environment for them. This style of lighting is best for activities that take a lot of time and concentration, such as crafting, puzzles, or reading. Pendants, table lamps, or under-cabinet lighting are often used to effectively brighten the area where one activity takes place without casting light into another area.


You’re now ready to be a homeowner, with a clear vision for how you want your living room to look. You’ve considered the design elements you’re most interested in, and you have a budget that can support those ideas. While having a budget may seem too restrictive, having someone guide you through the entire process will make things infinitely easier. Your design professional will help you narrow your focus to decide which design elements are the most important. Designing your living room with a specific budget in mind will help you trim the excess and have an adequately designed living room without having to worry about spending too much money.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you renovate your living room. While this entire process may seem daunting, the information that you’ve learned here should give you a good place to start.

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