Choosing the Right Color For Your Open Floor Plan: 5 Tips

Choosing the Right Color For Your Open Floor Plan: 5 Tips

By: Technick

From the cubicles and rigid walls of the 1990s, the Millenium witnessed a trend toward living areas that eliminated partitions and welcomed open and airy places. Since then, the open plan living room has grown in popularity in homes worldwide, and it is difficult to picture any high-end home without one. With many benefits, such as a pleasant and expansive living atmosphere and a setting that pulls the entire family together, it is simple to fall in love with the open floor plan. However, color and paint selections create a whole other decorating issue when it comes to color and paint selections.

Nobody wants a featureless and monotonous living space where everything appears routine. A lack of color may frequently result in this, yet too much color can result in a disconnected area loaded with visual clutter. Finding the appropriate balance that rests somewhere in the middle of this spectrum's opposite extremes is difficult. That is why we have compiled a list of helpful hints to assist you in selecting the correct colors for your open plan living area. And, sure, several great inspirations are demonstrating how to accomplish it!

1. Neutral Backdrop

This is clearly the most straightforward choice, but with subdued hues, you don't have to go for a monochromatic appearance all the time. A white draped background is a timeless classic that works well in the kitchen, dining room, and family room connected to the living area and allows you to work with opposing designs. Instead of relying on color to provide interest, consider wallpaper, textured walls, and contrasting finishes to add textural variation to the scene. Because of the unifying background, eclectic, modern, and shabby chic styles may coexist.

2. Shades and Tones

If you love the idea of going with a neutral backdrop but are worried about the lack of visual interest, then you may want to look into creating contrast through the use of shades and tones. This is a great way to accentuate a color scheme in the living area. The look works incredibly well in the kitchen, where black and white cabinets demand a colorful backdrop. If you like to use patinas, these too can be worked in to create contrast.

3. Work With the Color Wheel

The color wheel is an excellent reference point when choosing the colors for your interior. The colors on the wheel complement each other and thus help create the overall look of the space. You can start with a dominant color for one section of the space and then add accents with a related shade. 

4. Go Bright

Bright colors are a common feature in modern farmhouse-style homes and are a great way to bring in a lot of character to a space. The 'to-go-with' is the perfect wall color, and it is easy to choose one that falls into the scheme you have chosen. Keep the furniture in the space neutral while the walls are painted in tones of the same color. An accent wall is also a great way to add a pop of color to the space.

5. Use Unexpected Colors

It is also possible to choose a color that you would not usually think of using in a space. Go with your instincts and expand the stylistic taste boundaries. It is best to choose a color that is not overly bright and looks good on its own. You can still create a cohesive space by going with an unexpected color.


There is no harm in working with a monochromatic look for a space, but we think that working with contrasting hues is a much more exciting and pragmatic approach. The result will be a space that has plenty of character and uniqueness, and the process of creating that look is also a lot of fun!

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