5 Areas to Focus On When Converting Your Garage to a Living Space

5 Areas to Focus On When Converting Your Garage to a Living Space

By: Technic

There are times when you may find your home a bit lacking, especially in terms of the number of rooms and living spaces within it. This is natural, as some homes are not that big or spacious, since they were likely sold to you at a very, very affordable price. 

One of the leading solutions to this problem would be creating an extension from the other existing sections of your home. Your garage is a perfect candidate for this because it already has the core structures that make up most of the living space. However, there are still a couple of things to consider when converting that into a nice, comfortable room.

If you’re already made up your mind and are planning to convert your garage into a new room, consider the following areas below:

The Floor

Garage floors are usually made up of plain cement. They are also slanted so that your car may enter and exit appropriately without having sudden drops that may damage your wheels. If you plan to convert your garage to a room, you may have to fill up the floors and make it even. 

You wouldn’t want your new room to look like a funhouse, after all. You may also have to apply tiles or wooden floors to add style to the room.

The Garage Door

By converting the garage to a new room, you also have to consider removing the automatic doors. By doing so, you will need to install a new wall, perfectly fit with windows and a door where your inhabitants may exit or enter their space. 

You may need to ask for professional help when it comes to the walls, as architects will most likely point out any structural weaknesses due to the garage door removal. They will be able to fill in the gaps and strengthen the sides of the structure again.

The Heating and Cooling

This part is relatively simple—you just have to extend your heating or cooling system towards the newly renovated space. Of course, you may need the help of professionals again, more specifically, HVAC workers, to tend to this particular need. 

You wouldn’t want your inhabitants to freeze during the winter season, nor would you want them to be trapped in an oven-like structure during the summer.

The Wiring System

Garages usually have wall sockets in them where you may power your mechanical tools. In such a case, you wouldn’t have to worry about having any power source after the conversion, as these wall sockets may be recycled and improved for the new room. 

By ensuring the quality and durability of the wall outlets, its new inhabitants will have no problem when it comes to charging their phones and powering their TV.

The Piping System

It may be easy to supply the converted room water, but the draining system is another story overall. The good news is that plumbers will be able to skillfully navigate through the new section of the house, plan out where to put the pipes, and create a draining system that will not compromise any part.


Converting your garage to a new room may not be easy but can be manageable. By taking note of the following pointers and considerations and asking for professional help, you will be able to make an extension without encountering much hassle along the way. 

Just be sure to plan out the task while keeping these factors in mind to avoid miss anything when the conversion project begins.

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